Weekly Update from PRMS

As we close out another week during the pandemic, we wanted to share a few risk management updates:

  1. Our FAQs were updated over the last two weeks to include:
    1. An AMA resource on home office computer security, as well as several updates to our state licensure waiver list.  For example, Florida has extended its Emergency Order regarding licensure for physicians until May 8th.
    2. Informed consent for patients being seen in the office.
    3. Signage for the office.
    4. An alert from the FBI on phishing targeting healthcare providers, including harmful email specifics, such as sender, subject, and attached file names.
    5. Tips for effective communication / etiquette in telepsychiatry sessions.
    6. Responding to health plan requests for your telemedicine policies.
  2. You may have seen the recent JAMA Psychiatry article, “Suicide Mortality and Coronavirus Disease 2019 - A Perfect Storm?”. We know that patient suicide is one of the leading causes of liability actions against psychiatrists.  We also know the benefits of a formal, validated suicide risk assessment tool.  If you do not currently have such a tool, or are looking for a new one, we encourage you to consider using the SAFE-T tool.  You can download a copy at no charge from SAMHSA.

  3. On a much lighter note, we have a new telephone system that purports to transcribe voicemail messages.  Many times the attempted - but botched - transcriptions make us laugh, so we wanted to share one here, in case it brings a smile to your face at the end of what we are sure was a very busy week for you. Here’s an excerpt of an actual transcription of a message left on the PRMS customer service help line:

    "...hi, I would like to discuss with waste management...So you know if you have a good day...but I would say I have to be with and we have had some dating...”

    Fortunately, the actual message related to telepsychiatry, and had nothing to do with waste management or dating!

Take care, continue to be safe, and if you have additional questions, please contact PRMS at 800-245-3333 or via email [email protected].  


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