Member Listserv FAQs

What listservs are available to WPS Members?

  • WPS Member E-List


Guidelines for WPS Listserv Use as per the WPS Policy Guide:

  • The listserv should be used for discussions related to the practice of psychiatry, announcements of upcoming events, and requests for physician to physician referrals.
  • The listserv should not be used for personal comments or to further a personal agenda.
  • The listserv should not be used for the discussion of internal WPS business or for forwarding other members’ correspondence as doing so would be a breach of confidentiality.
  • No member may use the listserv to make disparaging remarks about any other person, organization or business.
  • Any member abusing the listserv may be removed from participation.
  • Listserv postings may only be made by members, and staff is directed not to do postings for members because to do so would imply WPS endorsement.

How do I subscribe to the listserv?

When you are logged into the Member Center, click on Member Profile, then click the top tab labeled My Features. Go to the drop down under My Features called E-lists. You can see there which listservs you can subscribe to and which ones you want to unsubscribe. Click on the blue "edit" to see what email is subscribed and change it, if needed.

How do I send a message to the listserv?

To send a listserv message is similar to sending an email (using the email address that is subscribed to the listserv). It will then go to everyone subscribed to the listserv.

WPS Member E-List: [email protected]

How do I unsubscribe from the listservs?

See explanation above

Can I subscribe to the listservs if I am not a member?

No. This is a member benefit available to active members.

I am going on vacation and want to temporarily stop the emails. How do I do that without unsubscribing?

After you are logged into the Member Center, go to My Profile, and then the tab labeled My Features and scroll down to E-lists. Click on Edit next to the listserve you want to disable. Then, deselect "Email Delivery" and click Save. Once you are back from vacation, you can click on the name of the E-list to see any messages you missed while you were away.

I want to subscribe to a listserv that isn't on my list or I'm interested in starting a new listserv. How do I do that?

Contact WPS Headquarters at [email protected] and we can look into it for you. You may not be eligible for that listserv.