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The Learning Center is designed to serve as a valuable online resource center for you. Our partner organizations have stepped up and offered to provide valuable education and practice management resources at NO Cost to WPS members. These resources can support your efforts to deliver quality care to your patients and develop and manage your practice.  We hope you find the content useful and we encourage you to reach out to the providers if you have questions or would like more information and support.  


Professional Risk Management Services, Inc.® PRMS is pleased to offer risk management articles and “Case of the Quarter” columns, which are sample case studies that highlight best practices in actual scenarios encountered through PRMS’ extensive experience in litigation and claims management.

PRMS specializes in medical professional liability insurance for individual healthcare providers and group practices. To learn more about the insurance program and comprehensive services offered by PRMS, click here.

Case of the Quarter: Fields v. General Hospital and Joshua Cash, MD
The plaintiff alleges that Defendant was negligent in his failure to adequately assess the patient during the ER to psychiatric unit consult and was negligent in prescribing medication.

Case of the Quarter: United States v. Smith
Department of Justice alleged that Defendant, in violation of Federal laws, submitted claims for services that were not provided.   

Physician Burnout LinkedIn Article
PRMS Vice President of Risk Management Donna Vanderpool, MBA, JD shares vital information on the increasingly common topic of Physician Burnout in a LinkedIn post - read more on the statistics, causes, and what you can do to avoid it. Don’t forget to follow PRMS on social media for more resources and important updates: Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn.