CLM Past Events


June 27-30
1st International Perinatal TOTAL Health Congress

February 24
10th Anniversary Celebration

January, May, September
Global Mental Health & Psychiatry Newsletter

1st CLM Mind Games & Holiday Party
, C. Gray, J. Chaves, A. Kapoor, M Teisberg, C. Secarea, L. Pengrin, Howard, GWU, St. Elizabeth’s, Georgetown, USHUS teams
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Healing the Healers
WPA Congress, Berlin, Germany, C. Secarea, M. Teisberg

PGY I Welcome on DC Waterfront

APA reception with Prof Helen Herrman WPA President-Elect, San Diego, California

Healing the Healers Program DC, M. Teisberg, C. Secarea

Warmest congratulations to our CLM (Career, Leadership, Mentorship) members, Doctors Madeline Teisberg and Cristina Secarea for a superb joint presentation on Healing the Healers and to Dr. Constance E. Dunlap for a great discussion

This  first CLM event of 2017 was attended by about 30 Resident Fellow Members (RFM), ECPs, and mentors. We intend to do a follow up on the same topic focusing on other countries, this autumn. We also cordially invite you to join our CLM Linkedin Network whether you are an RFM, ECP or you would like to be a CLM mentor. Contact Dr. Madeline Teisberg or me, Dr. Eliot Sorel, if you are interested.

Cosmos Club Health Club Dinner - September 27, 2016


Dr. Eliot Sorel Named Chair of APA Global Mental Health & Psychiatry Caucus

  • World Bank/WHO Summit on Global Mental Health, GWU Washington DC
  • Innovators’ booth on Depression & Comorbidity in China, India, Iran, Romania


  • WPA 2015 Bucharest International Congress: Innovation & Transdisciplinarity
  • WPA Statement on Collaborative & Integrated Care
  • Young Health Professionals Track


  • APA Caucus on World Psychiatry and Mental Health - WPS CLM Residents and Dr. Eliot Sorel play a key role in the launch of the the new APA Caucus on World Psychiatry and Mental Health, May 5, 2014, Marriott Marquis, New York City
  • WPA Congress, Madrid, Depression & Comorbidity in Primary Care
  • PAHO/WHO Washington, DC, Depression & Comorbidity in Primary Care


  • APA, CLM leadership training, San Francisco
  • APA Global Mental Health & Psychiatry Caucus initiated
  • WPA 2013 Bucharest Congress
  • Primary Care, Mental Health, Public Health Integration
  • Young Health Professionals Track


  • Depression and Comorbidity in Primary Care in China, India, Iran, Romania
  • International Collaborative Research Project launch


  • Yavar Moghimi video, World Congress of Social Psychiatry, Marrakech, Morocco


  • CLM/OMNA joint program, Washington, DC


  • CLM launch, Scientific Program St Elizabeth’s Hospital January