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"Engaging Resident Fellow Members and Early Career Psychiatrists Locally, Nationally and Internationally"


  • Identify and role model various career pathways: Academic, research, clinical, policy, others
  • Facilitate and nurture organizational leadership opportunities
  • Mentor with clarity, consistency, continuity and care


  • Engagement at local, regional, national and international levels
  • Contribute to MITs & ECPs career and leadership development
  • Enhance DB's & APA's membership and leadership


L to R: Muhammad Ali Zaidi, MD Cristina Secarea, MD, FAPA Eliot Sorel, MD, DLFAPA Mani Yavi, MD

CLM Leadership Planning events for ECPs & RFMs - L to R: Muhammad Ali Zaidi, MD, Cristina Secarea, MD, FAPA, Eliot Sorel, MD, DLFAPA, Mani Yavi, MD


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CLM Resource Library

The WPS CLM Program received Honorable Mention for the APA 2018 Assembly District Branch Best Practice Award. The WPS Career, Leadership and Mentorship Program was established 10 years ago in 2008 under the leadership of Eliot Sorel, MD, DFAPA. The mission of the program is to identify and provide role models for various career pathways, including academic research, clinical, policy and others. CLM  also facilitates and nurtures organizational leadership opportunities and mentors with clarity, consistency, continuity and care.

The March for Our Lives, a multigenerational, hope inspiring civic event, was held in Washington, DC on Saturday, March 24, 2018. Eliot Sorel, MD and former WPS President and his wife, Christiane, participated.